Oslo has been very exciting these last couple of weeks,Jay ZandKanye Westjust left town after a very fun and successful concert.

Then yesterday Justin rolled into town "for one night only" and made headlines b'cos of his loyal and dedicated fans that turned out on the streets of Oslo City in droves!

It was so unexpected to the Norwegian Police and security, the amount of screaming girls that showed up, that it made the evening news!

For me it just showed the GAP in generations, the old and the new!

This was nothing strange to me, after all I remember when I was 16 and me and a million other crazed fans were so in Love with the lateMichael Jackson. Our mothers were the same way overElvis Presley.


This has happened over and over again over the years with the












I'm sure you get my point........

These girls are the same like all the other Justin Bieber fans all over the world!

So that's why I think yes, u can grow older without getting old, open up your mind and understand the power of Pop-culture, unless u will never understand your children.

If anything, it just put a smile on my face and made me remember my youth,

WOW! How time flies!

Jay Z in Oslo last week!


WOW! I've been featured in this month's ITALIAN VOGUE!!!!!



Please click HERE to read the article


My new film VARG VEUM!!!!!!!



Amerikanske Fumi (32) gr fra Will Smith til Varg Veum

Trailer fra Varg Veum - De dde har det godt
VGTVTrailer fra Varg Veum - De dde har det godtSe flere videoer fra VGTV
Publisert 24.12.11 - 14:43, endret 24.12.11 - 14:44 (VG NETT)
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(VG Nett) Fumi Desalu-Vold har jobbet som modell, og samarbeidet med Will Smith. N er hun klar som leder for et asylmottak i den nye Varg Veum-filmen.

VG Nett flger

- Jeg har bodd i Norge i to r, kjrligheten fikk meg hit! forteller Fumi Desalu-Vold som fant kjrligheten i den tidligere svmmeren Ole Vold fra Bergen.

VGTV:Se traileren til De dde har det godt

Snart er hun premiereklar i den nye Varg Veum-filmen De dde har det godt, men Fumi har en lang og innholdsrik karriere bak seg allerede.

Les ogs:Kinorekord for Varg Veum


FRA WILL TIL VARG: Fumi Desalu-Vold jobbet med Will Smith i Hancock. 20. januar fr vi se henne med Trond Espen Seim i Varg Veum - De dde har det godt. Foto: Privat/SF Norge AS.
Hun har vrt tilknyttet byrene Ford og Elite og vrt med p alle de store moteukene, i Milano, London, Paris og New York. Hun har vrt med i flere episoder av TV-serier som Ugly Betty og Entourage, og har ogs vrt med i filmer som Will Smiths Hancock og Dreamgirls. Tidlig i karrieren var hun med i Puff Daddy-videoen Public Enemy #1.

Fra den norske underholdningsbransjen vil noen kanskje kjenne henne igjen som Jaqueline Diaz i Hotell Csar.

N er det alts Varg Veum gjelder, og den innspillingen ga Fumi mulighet til mte et av sine forbilder.

- Det var utrolig spennende spille inn filmen, spesielt fordi jeg fikk spille mot Lene Nystrm! For meg er hun en rockstar! Da jeg bodde i England var Aqua ekstremt populre, s mte henne var treffe en helt, forteller 32-ringen.

Koser seg i Norge

OBAMA-FAN: Fumi Desalu-Vold p en photoshoot med sokker som hyller den amerikanske presidenten. Foto: Privat
Hun er fdt i Moskva, vokst opp i Skottland og Nigeria og startet som modell i England. N koser hun seg stort i Norge, hvor hun har bodd i to r.

- flytte til Norge var en forfriskende ny start for meg. Jeg er utrolig takknemlig for f jobbe her i Niorge som er verdenskjent for Nobels Fredspris og verdenskjent for ha gitt Fredsprisen til Barack Obama. Det var stort for meg som amerikaner med afrikansk bakgrunn, forteller skuespilleren.

Varg Veum - De dde har det godt handler om menneskehandel med afrikanske jenter. Desalu-Vold tok rollen for rette fokus p en viktig problemstilling, men ogs for vise mangfoldet blant afrikanske kvinner i Norge.

- Det finnes afrikanske jenter som kommer hit for jobbe som prostituerte, men ogs mange andre afrikanske jenter blir identifisert med denne gruppen. Jeg tok rollen for si: Ja, slike ting skjer, men det er ikke snn alle er, sier hun og legger til:

- Jeg nsket gi afrikanske kvinner i Norge stolthet, og lfte frem at de skal vre stolte av hvem de er!
P JOBB I NEW YORK: Fumi Desalu-Vold under et oppdrag for Elle Magazine. Foto: Privat

New Name & New Home! Thank u & Good bye! xoxo






I had a wonderful time blogging on this site and I made a lot of friends as well, I hope that u will all come with me as I go on to the next chapter of my social life at www.FUMISFASHIONFILES.com

love & kisses 4 always

Fumi Desalu-Vold.

This blog will NO longer be called GLAMOUR GIRL!

Hello my darling Fashionistas.

First of all my blog (this blog) has found a new home on blogspot which I'll be setting up this weekend.

Secondly this blog or the new one will no longer be called GLAMOUR GIRL.

I believe that when one goes to a new country it's important to understand the mentality of the people living there and to also respect it, since you also want to have a wonderful life there as well.

I say all of this b'cos I just found out that the word "Glamour girl' or 'Glamour models' is associated with PAGE 3 girls or to put it more bluntly .....Page 3 girls that are topless!!!!!! YIKES!

I'm an American and 'Glamour girl' is associated with being fasionable, stylish and glamourous like Kim Kardashian or Diana Ross. We have a very successful magazines called 'Glamour' and a junior magazine actually called 'Glamour Girl'.

So that was why I named my blog 'Glamour girl' becoause it represented everything fun, fresh and fashionable. I am NOT oppossed to Glamour models, the point is that this is NOT what my blog is about and so I have let go of the name so that my darling Norwegian fashionistas do NOT mix the two together.

I believe that when in Rome, you should do as the Romans do!..........smiling.

Thank you for your loyal dedication and I'll be back with lots of fashionable goodies for all of you.

at www.Fumisfashionfiles.com

Yours truly,

Fumi Desalu-Vold.

GlamourGirl!!!!!!............Welcome 2 my NEW Show!

Hello my fashionistas!
This is an exciting time for GLAMOURGIRL b'cos she is going to take u around the world live.
I wanted to share this with you 1st and for you to tell me how much you will like a show like this!
The TEST episode below is for u to watch and enjoy.
It's going to be fun, fun and more fun, with CELEBRITIES, MODELS, CITIES, FASHION, BEHIND THE SCENES OF ALL OF YOUR FAVURITE things!!!!!!

video:glamour girl

xoxo GG.

All About Yves

Darling Yves, I miss u, perhaps the most this season.

The fall winter collection, literally from every fashion house, from Milan to Paris to London to New York had the finger print of the late Yves St Laurent in their AW winter 2011/2012 collections!



.......It all reminded me of the GLAMOUR, ELEGANCE & CLASS of Yves. A true genious that has continued to live on through his unforgetable designes that he has left for us to enjoy & reinvent again & again.

I haven't done a biography on anybody until now, but I truly belive that Yves St Laurent deserves it.


Imagine walking into a chic restaurant and being told that you have to leave because you arewearing pants. Sound strange? Well in 1963, it happened to women all the time.

Have you ever thought about the reasons why certain clothes are socially acceptable while others aren't? There are lots of reasons. The legendary fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent is one of them.

YSL Outfit

When Saint Laurent announced his retirement from his chic Paris fashion studio in January 2002, it was considered by many to be the end of an era. He is considered by many of the world's best-YSL Dressdressed people to be the inventor of modern fashion.

Besides that, he is seen as the last of a generation of clothing designers that made the Rive Gauche (French for "Left Bank" of the Seine River in Paris) home to the most talented fashion designers in the world. These designers included Christian Dior, Coco Chanel, and Hubert de Givenchy -- all people who helped make Paris the international capital of fashion.

Saint Laurent got his big break when he was only 17 years old. The shy young designer began to work for the fashion legend, Christian Dior, & by the time he was 21, Saint Laurent was in charge of Dior's empire.

He immediately started to develop a unique style that combined Dior's elegance and tradition with a more wearable, realistic style.

Saint Laurent struck out on his own in 1961, opening his own fashion house where he created haute couture for socialites and celebrities. Haute couture (which literally means "high sewing" in French) is a term for the fashion houses andYSL Dressdesigners that create exclusive, trend-setting styles.

The people who wear haute couture don't go to a store and pick clothing off a rack like we mere mortals, nope, they go to a studio (called an atelier in the Parisian fashion world) and meet with the designer. Ooooooooh I wish I could do that!

The designer works with the customer to create a piece of clothing exactly suited to their proportions. The result is a piece that is one of a kind, and costs thousands of dollars. Oooooooops! Maybe not!

The inspiration for Saint Laurent's clothing came from cultures across the globe. An important source of inspiration for both his clothing and his choice of runway models was his childhood in AFRICA. He was also the first major designer to use models from a variety of different ethnic backgrounds.

And contributed to making Super Model IMAN an International STAR!

Super Model
IMAN in the 70's modeling for YSL.

He considered the Super model 'IMAN' the ideal woman & they became very good friends outside of their professional relationship.

Saint Laurent's trendsetting clothes not only changed the look of high fashion but also the life of the average woman.

Aaaaaaaaaaand was the first designer to use only BLACK models for an entire show. Phew! U gotta love him. Big heart, great talent!

His models loved him soooooo much, & he was fondly called Pops by all of them

YSL DressAside from his haute couture clothing, he offered another clothing line for women available in department stores, eg MACYS / BLOOMINGDALES.

The designs from this line often turned heads and changed the lives of the women who wore them.

Saint Laurent's goal in designing clothes for women was "not just to make women more beautiful but to reassure them and give them confidence."

In the 1960s and 1970s, when women were joining the workforce in millions for the first time, Saint Laurent designed more gender-neutral looks based on pants and jackets. No longer did women feel like they needed to wear only skirts and blouses.

The change was met with resistance. There are famous stories of women wearing Saint Laurent's pantsuits who were turned away from hotels and
restaurants in London and New York.

On more than one occasion, women wearing Yves Saint Laurent's pantsuits would simply take off their pants and walk into the restaurant wearing only the jacket part of the suit! They were protesting the fact that other people could dictate what they were allowed to wear.

Just the other day I saw American reality SUPERSTAR Kim Kardashian, in an ensamble that reminded me so much of Yves.

American Reality star Kim Kardashian.

YSL Model with Hat

Another clothing item of his that became popular was a jacket called "le smoking," which is a square-shouldered tuxedo for women, commonly referred to as the 'Smoking Jacket'.

When the jacket first appeared in his 1966 fall-winter collection, it immediately became a groundbreaking landmark in fashion history because it blurred the lines between traditional male and female style aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand.....it was so SEXY! All u needed were black stiletto heels and RED lipstick. The men went crazy for u at that time! It was all so seductive! My kind of party, now that I think of it, she winks.

Anyway, anyway back to Yves, so....................

................So 4 the first time, women had the choice of whether to project a "feminine" or "masculine" look.
Saint Laurent also changed fashion by using other types of pop culture in his clothes, like creating the Mondrian dress in 1965! These colorful dresses were patterned with the Dutch artist Piet Mondrian's abstract and geometric designs.

Saint Laurent also aided the women's liberation movement by challenging other socially accepted norms. If for any other reason, I love him for this, b'cos it has aided in giving us the platform in which to express ourselves as women today and there is something so darling about a 'MAN' fighting for a woman's RIGHTS! It doesn't happen often, I can tell u that!

From one of his last shows with French Super model

In 1971, Saint Laurent posed nude for his own perfume ads. This was shocking to many people. He did it to raise this question: Why is it more socially acceptable when a woman poses nude for an advertisement than when when a mann does?

So it's so interesting to see TOM FORD do the same thing today in the glossy pages of VOGUE or VANITY FAIR and we don't even blink an eye, that was b'cos Yves had paved the way. Yves was the 1st.


This past summer of 2011 everybody went crazy for the

YSL Cocktail Ring!

  1. Yves Saint Laurent ringshandpicked by a global community of independent trendsetters and stylists.

Yves once defined the word "elegance" as "a black turtleneck, pants, a raincoat." Sounds like something people wear today, right? I know that I have all of those pieces in my closet, I'm sure u do too.

Because his styles were so timeless, international fashion continues to reflect looks that he created as far back as the 1960s.

He's been gone for some time now, but as we can see we have not let go of him and most probably never will.

Thank u Yves for sharing all of your gifts with us.

All about Yves Saint Laurent - Facts!

1) Born on the 1st of August 1936.

2) Died on the 1st of June 2008.

3) Nationality - French.

4) Yves' was cremated & his ashes were scattered in Marakech, Morocco. In the Majorelle Gardenthat he often visited to find inspiration & refuge.

5) The funeral attendants included Empress Farah Pahlavi, Madame Chirac, and FrenchPresident Nicolas Sarkozy.

6) FORBS rated Saint Laurent the top-earning dead celebrity in 2009.

The 70's are back with a little help from H&M!!!!!!!!

Snake Skin Dress - H&M

Shoes - ZARA

Platforms - MY OWN DESIGN



Belt - GUCCI

Watch - GUCCI

Perfume - ESTEE LAUDER -Private collection

Lipstick - CHANEL

Ring - YSL


Bracelet - CARTIER


Necklace2 - TIFFANY'S


Photographer/Editor - OLE DESALU-VOLD

Artistic creation - FUMI DESALU-VOLD


Africa is not aCOUNTRY,but a CONTINENT consisting of 54countries.

Of all the things I'm proud of, I am most proud to come from the beautiful continent of AFRICA.

I am from the YOURBA tribe.

It is an amazing place blessed with Warm Weather, Tropical Fruits, Rich & Colourful Culture, Diamonds, Oil, Exotic Aminals aaaaaaaaaaaaand BEAUTIFUL Women. Smiling.

I consider myself West African, as my parents come from 2 different countries on the WEST coast of Africa. My father is from Nigeria & my mother is from The Gambia.

Cultural BEAUTY, right across the board from, animal prints to cornrows, to Henna/ piercings / tattoos, etc... have been appreciated and seen all over the world for years, in our movies, magazines and on the runways of Fashion weeks from Paris to Tokyo.

The perfect 10. Bo Derek in the movie called '10', it was a MEGA, SMASH BOX hit and turned Bo into a overnight Hollywood STAR!

Reality star, Kim Kardashian in cornrows for her music video

Me. I will always love conrows, it's my true identity!



A traditional Somali woman.

Somalia is country with a hugley varied landscape of mountains, deserts, tropical deserts and some of the most undiscovered beaches that u have ever seen. With CORAL reefs along the Gulf coast.

Somalia is developed from a string of Arab Sultanates along the northeast coast of Africa.

Out of Somalia also,........................

have been some of the most beautiful women in the world that have graced countless magazine covers and been the muses of some of the most outstanding designers in the fashion industry, starting with the 1 & only Super model Iman who is married to Rock Star DAVID Bowie.

Iman & David Bowie.

America's next Top Model, Fatima Siad.

Ralph Lauren model Fatima Hassan.

For the past month, & with another 2 months 2 go, I've been attending Norwegian Language classes.

And I have been having an absolute blast, I'll talk about that another time in more detail but just to skim over it,

We're about 20 students, mostly women who are from countries all over the world married to Norwegians and learning everything Norwegian. It's a party every day, She laughs.

We are doctors, lawyers, engineer's, home-makers, actors, business women etc, these are the countries the women come from in my class:



















Now for someone like me who just loves traveling, culture and everything and anything different, I'm literally in heaven.

And so my Somalian class mate decorated my hands in henna as a gift.

This by far was one of the nicest days I had in school. Yes we are learning Norwegian, but we are learning about each other and seeing the beauty in each others cultures. It is truly a humbling and beautiful feeling.

The inscription traslated means, the................

KING of Scotland & his African Empress.

White Gold bracelet by CARTIER (The LOVE braclet)

Ring - 3 shades of gold triniti ring byCARTIER

Other rings - Wedding rings, on both hands.

Thank u soooooooo much Amina. xoxo

The Norwegian Crown Prince Haakon & Crown Princess Mette-Marit visitGHANA!

They look divine and might I add very happy indeed.

So that's it folks. Have a wonderrful weekend and I'll see u soon.

FALL / WINTER 2011, the LAST chapter!

Hello my darlings, so here we are at the last set of the collections I've put together.

I've been crazy busy and have had a couple of CRAZY weeks, but more on the later.

If I remember correctly the next "MUST HAVE" on the list was..............


Entire wardrobe from ZARA.
It's an absolute divine colour and as far as I'm concerned it's another option to choose from apart from BLACK!

So let's get started shall we!

This was a VOGUE cover a couple of years ago, I've ALWAYS loved this layout, b'cos I thought to myself, what a wonderful way to wear blue, simple, clean and the POP of colour here, were the WHITE shirts. DAY or EVENING girls, this is a sure way to be the BEST dressed at any event, Dinner @ home, @ the office or a Garden party. We always see this paired with a BLACK skirt, but BLUE is such a nice alternative, you must try it!

ALBERTA FERRETTI won my heart here, just look at those beautiful boots! Even if u don't have a blue coat, and u really need a pair of dark boots to go with everything, why not try COLBALT BLUE? & go for something that goes all the way up your legs and over the knee, I promise they'll keep u warm.

GUCCI,like I had mentioned earlier on, was this seasons favorite,(In my book) their colour pallete was amazing.

And nobody has worn COLBALT BLUEany better than the newly married American reality star KIM KARDASHIAN who recently got married and was given a 20 carat diamond engaement ring!!!!!! Totally jealous.

Talking about reality shows for a minute, wouldn't it be nice if they had a reality show in Norway? How about

"The Real Housewives of Oslo" ?????? I would audition right away and give u all SUPER DUPER entertainment! Hmmmmmmm something to really think about! .... seriously!

Ok, moving forward, goodbye COLBALT BLUE, hello MUSTARD YELLOW!


This summer was alive & brightened up evey way u turned with YELLOW! I mean, what a really, really happy and youthful colour it is. You cannot help but smile at the colour, it remends me of Summer, daisies, butter, lemons, u name it.

So how kind of the designers to give us a slightly darker version for the Autumn and winter months, the absolute & divine MUSTARD YELLOW! Ah! I'm in heaven.

Mustard skirt from my ever faithful H&M.

Even just a POP can pick up any outfit, go from the office to a night out in town with your special someone in the GORGEOUS MAXMARA top. All eyes will be on you......in a good way!


Even if u are not that BOLD, (that's ok, we are not all created the same and even if we were, it would be so BORING). As as I was saying, why not try a POP of colour in a bag, or should I say a designer bag like CHANEL, itwill always make a statement, even if u don't want to!....all u have to do is carry it! Smiling. This is Beyone's younger sister, Solange with her son.
Alright folks, next!

If u don't want to invest in anything long lasting as a coat or boots, then by all means buy, order or creat a beautiful hat from no other than..... my dear friend, Norwegian HAT designerextraordinaire ...


She is absolutely BEYOND!!!!! I'll show u what she made for me further down in this article. Tusen Takk (Thank you) Mona, I love, love, love love and Loooooooove u some more! xoxo


If you're going to wear it, then let it sparkle!

Skirt and Dress both by ZARA.

When I saw these two, I smiled, b'cos I thought of all the parties that will be coming up at Christmas time, yes, I know it's still far away but that's what came to my mind, well at least I'll be prepared.

A black coat with a sheen is also another way to make a statement without feeling as if you are going to perform on stage!


So adorable, I feel as If I'm going back to school instead of work!

I looooooooooove these, they are from ZARA and they are the most sensible foot wear with MAJOR style if u live in a city and have to run around! The colour is to die for!

CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN will always make you look, SEXY, CONFIDENT from head to toe! Yes darlings, it's still warm enough for u to wear those major heels out! Have fun with it and look Fab. I'm going to buy the black ones above, I just, love, love loooooooove them.




JLO as always looking beyond FABULOUS! Glasses again are GUCCI.

Wearing tights or socks look really good with shoes, add a chunky heel, & u are on your way. It's really fun to incorporate some of your summer shoes into your fall wardrobe, it really works and can look super cool. You can go to ASOS for all the Autumn looks that don't break the bank.


CHANEL will never need an introduction, u can go for the PLUM or a bright RED.





This was my FAV of all the bags & i saved it for last b'cos I just really liked the two skins mixed together, I wouldn't have thought that it would work but it did.

You can find all of these bags on Net-a-Porter. com. & the good thing is that they ship all over the world, yep ladies, that includes NORWAY. YEY!


.....................ARE so electrifing & fun, just seeing all the make-up, hairstyles and OMG, the attitude from the girls srutting down the runway with JAZZED up music, it's like a party where u get to sit and just people watch!

@JAMAICA fashion week!

The reason why I brought this up, is b'cos I saved the BEST for the last..............THE GLAMOROUS

It was every single runway this season and I loved them all.








Yes darlings it ROCKS!

All the RED hues ust makes me feel alive, I can wear this colour family all year long.

I abosulutley DIED and went to heaven when I saw these trousers, I am going to make about for pairs in different colour combinations, my legs are long, so I have benn making trousers for a while. It is soooooooooo fabulous and NOT clownish at all.

SONIA RYKEL above & alberta Ferratti below.

This collection is NOT about where did these looks come from, what designer blah, blah, blah!

It's about the ispiration, This colour pallete is pure magic and looks wonderful on any skin tone. Be the true DIVA that u are and march out of your house with the attitude that you can OWN the world.

Aaaaaaaaaaand the best outfit of all is...........CONFIDENCE!

It's inexpensive, cannot be bought and can be seen a mile away.

I've seen it on models, actresses, women on the street, girls at parties everywhere!

And u know what! It's the MOST attractive thing u could ever own. Be a ROCK star and enjoy the fall/winter season fashionistas, b'cos I'm going to have a blast.

I hope u enjoyed my run down darlings and as a little treat I'm going to add one more item that was on the runways this summer and has no intention of going away.............TURBANS!

Turban by MONA STRAND.






See u next season darlings and remember to always be what?


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43, Oslo

My name is Fumi Desalu-Vold & I'm an American Actress, Model, Producer, Television Presenter/Personality from Sunny Los Angeles. I now live in the beautiful city of Oslo. I've been lucky enough to travel around the world and one thing that is present in every country is..................GLAMOUR!



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