Who am I? Where am I from? & how come I live in Oslo?

I often get asked these questions, smiling.
So it has occurred to me that for you to relate to me in any way, perhaps you too are wondering who this new blogger is!
Ok, so let me start from the beginning, my name is Fumi Desalu-Vold. My birthday is April the 16th, & I'm an Aries.
I was born in Moscow, Russia. (hard to believe, but true, plus it makes 4 great conversation, yes!)
I'm half Nigerian and half Gambian.

My name is Japanese and the full name is Fumiko, it means "Empress".
My Mother went to Asia and fell in looooooooooove with the name, so when she had me (smiling) that's the nameI got!
Below are some pictures of my fabulous mother in the far East during the 60's
having a wonderful time!

Here is my Mummykinns in the middle, she hadn't met my Dad yet,
that was going to be a few years yet!

My Mama 3rd to the left. Wasn't she GLAMOROUS? Love the outfit honey!

My Mum again 3rd from the left. Just look at those amazing parasols.

My Mummy & her best friend.
Alright back to me, she laughs.
It's also a Nigerian name , from the Yoruba tribe and it means "God has given me joy". Coooooool.
I grew up in a family that travelled the world a lot, mainly b'cos my mum became a diplomat, & it was such a treat to see different parts of the world, it REALLY opens up your eyes & mind so much.
Anyway I spent most of my childhood in Scotland, Glasgow. Then relocated to Lagos, Nigeria in my teens.
I left for college in London when I was 21. But.................. NOT b4 I won the "Super Model of Africa" competition. Woohoo.
Alright guys pay attention, b'cos this is where the fun starts, she laughs.
So I set off to what I thought was going to be just 4 yrs of University in good ol' swinggin London, but destiny had other plans.
I got signed with Elite model agency as well as going to University full time.
Once I graduated, I became the muse of Japanese designer Yuki Yamamoto full time.
My agency then shipped me off to New York and it became my base. Ha det bra London,
HelloNew York!
It was a FABULOUS LIFE, a wonderful time that I look back on with the fondest of memories.

Through my modeling I started getting lots of beauty commercials & television work in Los Angeles.
I was in loooooooooooooove, the weather and the palm trees were so irresistible, i just had to live here!
And so i moved from New York to Los Angeles.
Now I had 2 careers, modeling & acting. My modeling helped me sooooooo much with my acting and I learned so much about the entertainment biz in LA.
I did everything from, Television shows, Feature films, Period films, sitcoms (Ugly Betty), Independent films, student films, commercials, music videos and the list goes on and on. It was an AMAZING experience. Ha!
I strongly recommend, anybody who wants to know how the industry works, to go!!!!!!
You will have an amazing time, and meet theeeeeee most unexpected & interesting people ever!

On the set of "Ugly Betty" with cast member (Amanda) Becki Newton.

With Will Smith on the set of Hancock.

Vanessa Williams from 'Desperate Housewives'.
But we became friends from the the Tv show, Ugly Betty plus we were both former beauty Queens so we always talked about that, she laughs.

America (Betty), Christopher (Henry), Becki (Amanda) & me.
So this was my life, or so i thought. That is until I met the ...................... love of my life..................& he was from Norway!
Do u c how it's all coming together?
We got married 3 times, ..........Whaaaaaaaaat!...............yep!
The 1st wedding was in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles.
The second was in Lagos, Nigeria.
& the 3rd was in Bergen, Norway.
Last year we relocated from Bergen to Oslo and in the 18 months that I've been in Norway I've appeared in 2 episodes of "Hotel Csar" last year and just finished filming the feature film "Varg Veum - De dde har det ogs godt" which will be in all the theaters comeJanuary of 2012.

With some of the Hotel Csar cast! Do u like the Jackie O shades my darlings?

My character's name was 'Jacqueline Diaz" & she was a Diva!
On the set of the feature film 'Varg Veum'.

Me, Jrgen & Trond Espen.
An Articles about me and my role in the film Varg Veum.
Articles in the Bergen Newspaper!
Article in Dagbladet!
So that's it my Nordic darlings. This is my story. Smiling & waving 2 u on a beautiful spring day.
Xoxo from GlamourGirl.

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Julie Almestad Svik

20-Mar-2011 kl.23:38

fin blogg og fine bilder :)


20-Mar-2011 kl.23:40

good luck ;) Nice blogg :D


20-Mar-2011 kl.23:45

Thanks for sharing ^^ Nice blog btw


21-Mar-2011 kl.00:08

i like your blogg :)

21-Mar-2011 kl.10:09

Great blogg! Nice to see a new and exciting blogg that is not like all the otheres.

Love the pictures. It looks like you have done many exciting things.


21-Mar-2011 kl.10:43

Anonym: Tusen Takk Mr/Ms Anonymous, smiling. I intend to bring some more fun stuff as time goes by.

Have a wonderful day and always remember to...............B Glamorous!


21-Mar-2011 kl.10:48

vuzee: Thank u very much, I'm happy u like it and there is more to come. Happy face.


21-Mar-2011 kl.10:52

Julie: Tusen takk Julie, smiling & waving to u.


21-Mar-2011 kl.10:53

aagodt: Thank u aagodt, nice of u to look at at, and i have more fun stuff for u to come. Have a nice day.


21-Mar-2011 kl.10:56

Tourni: Tusen takk Tourni, have a wonderful week ahead and come back for more fun stuff. :).


21-Mar-2011 kl.10:57

vuzee: Happy u enjoyed it:) More Glamorous things on the way.

Glenda AAnfinsen

22-Mar-2011 kl.17:11

Hi Fumi,

Wow! This is such a fantastic blog!

Im not so fond of make-ups and other girly things, but sweet, you hooked me up... I'm sure gonna try the Maybelline Mascara soon.

By the way, I like all your photos! Lots of "nydelig" smile... :-)

27-Mar-2011 kl.21:43

Hey Fumi. this is jutfantastic, I just love the feature on you Mum. She looks absolutely fabulous. Keep going sweetheart :)

27-Mar-2011 kl.21:46

Thats last post was also from Adenike Bankole-Watson. BTW you pictures are absolutely amazing. Adenike


27-Mar-2011 kl.23:26

you are amazing!!! great leaps!!! great success I must say! because you believe in yoursalf!! you go girl!!1 Love you lotsssssssss. you know who. Atlanta.


28-Mar-2011 kl.00:48

I LOVE the b/w pictures..and I LOVE this blog

Collette Porteous

28-Mar-2011 kl.02:38


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