Who is a Diva?
Well my version of a diva is somebody who is strong, confident, beautiful independent and knows what she wants.
She is like no other, completely unique, original an Icon in her own right!
She is pure luxury in every way and is outstanding at what she does or any career she cares to pursue.
She dresses for herself and what pleases her 1st.
She's also has the ability to handle scandal & overcome it with grace.
After all the show must go on!
You cannot become a diva, you are BORN a diva, it's in your DNA.
She's up to date on current affairs and gives herself to any charity of her choice.
She travels and gets to know the rest of the world. Plus she owns some of theeeeee most expensive and beautiful things.
I'm talking Hermes, Graff diamonds, furs & Faberge eggs.
A true fashion icon and has articles written about her. Is a muse to a prestigious couture house or cosmetic line
and perhaps eats caviar for breakfast.
Appreciates classical music as well as rap music.
Men looooooooove her, while women admire her, she that kind of cool.
Say anything about her, she doesn't care but more importantly doesn't even notice b'cos she got such a busy life
Perhaps she lives on Park avenue in New York, Knights bridge in London or Brent wood in Los Angeles or down the street!!
She might spend her summer holidays in Capri or Sardinia Italy....on a yacht of course! Maybe the Hampton s or in her garden.
It doesn't matter where she goes............when she enters a room, thaaaaaaaat's when the party gets started.
She's also fun, lives on the edge, could very possibly have a few skeletons in her closet (hence the BIG dark glasses she wears when the paparazzi get too close) , but this is why we love the Diva, b'cos she's not perfect but does an excellent job at entertaining us.
She is a true SURVIVOR!
Divas past & present

Jennifer Lopez.

Super Model Iman.

Ava Gardner.

Janet Jackson.

Sofia Loren.



Britney Spears.

Ana Wintour.

Grace Jones.


Lady Gaga.


Christina Aguilera.

Elizabeth Taylor.

Diana Ross.

Angelina Jolie.

Kate Moss.

Naomi Campbell

Alright folks the DIVETS are next, but 1st i have to go to my Norwegian class, so I'll be back in the evening.
Until then remember to always .........B Glamorous!

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