So who are ourDivets? They are DIVAS in the making! They are the teens &tweensof our generation & are ready to take over in a MAJOR way!
They are clever & Super talented, yep! RAW talent in droves.
They don't need plastic surgery, Spanks orBotox! But they do own real estate, have millions in the bank & are CEO's of their own production companies.
From hit records to track records to tiaras, there is no stopping these fabulous girls.
Everybody wants them, from the model agencies to the sports world to wall street and let's not forget the entertainment industry.
We will NEVER admit it, but they can teach us a thing or 2!
& we cannot but take notice with envy.
They settheeeeeeeeetrends that designers put on the runways at fashion week!
They send boys heartbeats into total frenzy and are the Queen bee's amongst their girlfriends.
Ah to be young again...........yespls!
Meet the DIVETS OF 2011

Taylor Swift

Selena Gomez

Norwegian Blogger Emilie "Voe" Nereng

SuperModel Chanel Iman
Norwegian SuperModel Sonja Wanda

Miley Cyrus

Miss Norway! Melinda Victoria Elvenes

Fast & Furious Actress-Mirtha Michelle

American Beauty & Brains-Michelle Ann

America's Next Top Model, Cycle 10. Fatima Siad.

Reality star Lauren Conrad
Norwegian singing sensation! Haddy N'jie

Blake Lively

Janelle Monae

Mila Kunis

Norwegian Super Model/Singer Mimi Blix

Venessa Hudgens

Norwegian track star! Ezinne Okparaebo

Rachel Bilson

Leighton Meester

The Olsen twins

Last but by no means the least................the DIVOS are up next. The FUN set!

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Lyota Swainson

23-Mar-2011 kl.13:06

Hi, I'm Juline's friend. I'm near you in Stockholm. Give me a call when you have a minute. +46 702659325. BEST OF LUCK TO YOU!!!!


28-Mar-2011 kl.22:18

Lyota Swainson: Awwwwwww thank you so much Latoya, any friend of Juline's is a friend of mine.

I'll call u in the morning, kisses darling and thank u so much for the hospitality. xoxo Fumi.

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