Roberto Cavalli Spring-Summer 2011. Grrrrrr

Perhaps it's the African in me, I don't know, but I can NEVER get enough of animal prints! anything.

Sometimes, when I'm all dressed up, my husband looks at me & says "Darling, am I safe around u?" (shaking). She laughs.

Anyway if there is one designer that satisfies my thirst & appetite 4 prints it's .............Roberto Cavalli.

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26-Mar-2011 kl.03:04

I guess you look *WOW* in animal print! Any pictures soon?


27-Mar-2011 kl.21:10

Cat_food:She laughs, very soon my darling Kitty Cat. Very soon. I hope u had a nice weekend?


29-Mar-2011 kl.16:44

Thank you...had a nice weekend...feeling spring coming in my body... ...Purr, Oh, looking forward to that, guess I can't wait... ;)

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