Fumi goes to Copenhagen!

Now I know for a lot of my Norwegian fashionistas, Copenhagen is nothing new.

But, for all of my other fashionistas around the world who have never been to Copenhagen, myself included.............it is a Fabulous city for clothes.
And when I say clothes, drum roll...........wait 4 it!..........VINTAGE!
O..........M..........G! My eyes almost rolled out of my sockets & down my cheeks at what I was looking at.
I say it now, if the wardrobe departments in Paramount or Warner Brother Studios had any inkling of the kind of vintage clothes Copenhagen had, ............they would BUY them OUT!....every SINGLE peace! I'm not kidding.
It was only when I moved to Los Angeles and started acting in period films, did I then begin to have a new respect and appreciation for vintage clothing.
You stand differently in them, you handle them with such care, and the fact that someone else has worn them in a different era b4 Televisions or cell phones were ever in existence just puts a smile on my face. If I can only imagine what things were like then, at the very least I do KNOW what they wore & to be able own anything "vintage" is an honor.
So my Norwegian darlings, stick around you might learn something new.
And so began my love affair with the Copenhagen. I wasn't able to go to all the boutiques but the 2 that I did go to, I'll share, so here goes.
FN92 Vintage.
Larsbjoernstraede 6,kld
Th 1454 Copenhagen, Danmark.
Ph- +45-3313-2050
Email- info@92vintage.com
Even the pictures STILL don't do enough
to the other things i saw there.

There were moments when i just wished
I had Dita Von Teese's phone number,
call her up & let her know i had a wonderful
surprise for her.......FN92.

This GLAMOROUS Boutique is owned by no other than Pauli Tvilling. The name of the boutique (FN92) is named after his family's old fishing boat where Pauli savors his most cherished childhood memories.  And by the look of his treasure chest of some of theeeeeeeeee most beautiful clothes and accessories I've ever seen...........I completely understand. 

Anything u can think of, from the 1850's to the 1980's Pauli's got it! I'm amazed that he's only being doing this for 8 years, he's truly gifted to have such an eye for timeless clothes.
Aaaaaaand animal print hats!!!

My husband bought me a sensational silk mint-green coat from him (I swear, I will love that man 4ever) and I was almost in tears with happiness.
I'll take pictures of it later and post it when I'm all dolled up, it's much too beautiful to just put it on a hanger and take a picture of it.
One thing is 4 sure, I will definitely be back many, many times in the future to visit Pauli.

Sankt Peders Stræde 1 København K
Ph- 33 15 28 01
Again another adorable boutique and with a twist, it's both a cafe and a boutique! It's made up of two floors with the most warm and charming ladies to give u all of their assistance and fashion advice.
That's how I ended up buying this beautiful tomato red lounge dress.

What can I tell u? I'm guilty, a true fashion slave with a husband who can't say "NO" to me, Very GRATEFUL!......indeed!!

Fisk is also a second hand store that redesigns clothes and furniture. I just fell in loooooooove with the wall paper on the walls and each section had a different pattern.

What I loved about this boutique is that everything u buy from Fisk goes to charity.
In addition to the beautiful clothes and furniture they sell, they also sell organic products like chocolate and wine.
Did I mention they also sell ice-cream? Smiley face.

The Women of Copenhagen are ver Glamorous & Love their furs!

Look @ her shoes! I liked her instantly.


...................R NOT afraid of color!

Whaaaaaaaaaat! Is that an Hermes Birkin on a bike?

That was another thing, everybody rides bikes in Copenhagen, good excersise.




Nope! I'm not on a diet!








KLAREBODERNE 10, ST, 1115 KOBENHAVN K. PH +45 3393-1618.

This store just took my breath away, I was walking down the alley way when I stumbled across it. I stopped right there in my tracks and ran up the beautiful stairs.

You could hear Edith Piaf playing in the back ground & as I opened the door I felt that I was leaving

one world and stepping into another. Alice in wonderland, but she was a little more grown up with a passion for vintage and every thing that was new and old.

The owner Helle was just as sweet as her candy colored store and I escaped for a while, even if it was for half an hour.

This Store was a burst of color, right up my alley.

Halle doesn't like to buy 2 of anything, so most of the clothes from her boutique you are  unique. She from Paris!  All specially hand picked. I kept thinking of Nicole Kidman in the movie "Moulin Rouge" From flouncy skirts to bustier's to tutu's.......it was an absolute treat. Thank you Halle for your hospitality & I'll visit u again......soon.


Puhleeeeeeese Don't tell the Pussy Cat Dolls?

Really, I'm not doing anything! Honest.

The chandelier reminded me of ice popsicles on a summer's day.

It had that "shabby chic" feel to it.

This was so beautiful and all lace

Scarves in basins & Croc bags on benches.......

Parasols are very rare these days.

Choose one...........or two. The broaches were about a Kr. 100,- each.


That's the end of part one honey bunnies, will be back later to round up.

Good night & sweet dreams.

xoxo from Fumi.

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