Fumi goes to Copenhagen part 2!


This department store reminded me of MACY'S or BLOOMINGDALE'S in the STATES.
The only refreshing difference was that it was full of Scandinavian Designers..Wooohoo!
So let's go in and look @ the goodies, yes!

BAM!!!!!!! Let's take a look @ some shades, after all summer will B here soon.

My "Jackie O" Moment.

What about Liz Taylor?
Yes, let's talk about Elizabeth Taylor 4 a minute, I don't know why everybody is saying 'poor Liz'!!
The babe is having a BLAST up there in heaven, think about it, Richard Burton & Michael Jackson R up there throwing her a Fantastic party, while we R still here paying BILLS.
Now who's the POOR one? Yep, that's what i thought!
Ok, moving on.....

Making sure I still look GLAMOROUS b4 I go upstairs!

& some lipglass from the 'Wonder Woman' range from MAC cosmetics, ha!

I don't think there will ever be another "Wonder Woman" as HOT as Lynda Carter!
R u aware that they are bringing the series back? Yes they sure are darlings!


Desigual is from Spain and the prints & fabrics R all mixed matched and just reminds me of the Caribbean Islands.

Off to the beach I go!

ACNE is a HUGE Swedish brand that started out making jeans and have since branched out to make some rather fabulous clothes. They also have them in some department stores in New York, like Barneys.

Of course I love the color + u can wear it over your HOT bikini with a pair of killer wedges.
It's ALL about going BRIGHT this summer so B brave & bold honey!

Gun metal sequins R Sensational 4 going out in the evenings, Hello Studio 54!

Alright that was fun. Now I'm going to go into town to the main street, smiley face, R u coming?

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