Fumi goes 2 Copenhagen, the final Chapter!

Hello Sunshine!


I'm under the impression that the Italian design house needs no introduction!

Alright then, moving on. I've always loved MaxMara and they always surprise me when I least expect it.

Like this Yellow skirt for example, i have been on the hunt for a yellow skirt for ages to go with all of my Fab African print tops and Jackets.(More on that later) Anyway as I walk down the main street, at the very corner of my eye I see 'IT' on the wrong mannequin...that should have been me!!!

Can u c it peeping at us on the right hand side? Aha!


1 Bright YELLOW stretch jersey pencil skirt! That will be KR 1955,- please.

No, sorry we cannot keep the item on hold, & no we don't take checks...sorry!

The look! Not bad eh!


U guessed it kiddo's! CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN is opening a boutique in Copenhagen very soon.

YEY!!! I already know I'll be there on a regular basis, after all Copenhagen is only 1 hour away from Oslo.

Pigalle 120 patent pump Kr 3,312.78,-


I 1st discovered Aldo from my days of Living in New York!

I'm so happy that they'll be opening a store in Oslo soon.The wonderful about Aldo is that they are super trendy with very reasonable prices.

A little tip, on those hot summer days, add a slice of lemon to your water,

it's so refreshing and 0 calories. That way u still look HOT in your shorts!

What can i tell u? Loved them + u can walk in these puppies for hours.

Yep, I'll take a pair right now! Kr 556.77,-

What about a SPLASH of Orange?

Both heel and wedge are Kr 500,-

It was a citrus delight and made me feel thirsty for hot summer nights. Phew!


Superlove is a Danish brand that make exceptional rain coats as well a whole bunch of other goodies that I'm sure u will love, it's one of those stores where u can buy mugs as well as multi-colored socks, I mean each toe will be a different color on the sock! Fun stuff like that.

Rain coat Kr 1100,-


The Royal Copenhagen is internationally known for their fine Porcelain.

Just imagine eating your breakfast out of these.

I'll have some more tea please, a drop of milk, no sugar, thank u.

As beautiful as the fine table ware was, that wasn't what through me in a total frenzy........

They had Zodiac statues of both men and women aaaaaaand u could either have them in Coffee or Cream.

Cancer & Aries. Can u guess which one I am? Laughing.

I thought they were amazing and an absolutely unique gift to give on a birthday!


Klareboderne 10, st. 1115 Kobenhaun k

Ph +45 3393-1618

This little treasure house is in the basement of Petitcas.

It's a 2nd hand store with a difference, b'cos it only gets it's hands dirty with 2nd hand designer and luxury goods that have BARELY been used. These CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN Pigalle 120 studded denim pumps were less than HALF the original price and they hadn't even be worn!

The Malene Birger glass necklace was Kr1000,-

Not one of them was my size, I almost had a heart attack @ the unfairness of it all!

If u are EVER in town its a must-go see, satisfaction guaranteed!



2200 KBENHAVN N. +45 3321-4232. Info @edith-ella.dk.

Founded by Danish designer Markvardsen.

Their Trade mark...........Glamour of the 1920's, 30's and 40's.

Just look at the spiral staircase.

And everything u buy is wrapped in pink tissue and placed in Pink boxes.

Divine and very classy. Ava Gardner would have been proud!


No vacation is complete without going to visit the little mermaid. As we all know Disney Studios made a film about her and she's one of the most photographed statues in the world. She sounds like a Super model slash Actress if u ask me!

So naturally I was curious, I had to see if she was thaaaaat beautiful up close! Ha!

When I got there she was all alone and looked a little sad, so I decided to keep her company.

Naturally I told her all about GlamourGirl. She liked the concept........ then asked if I could get her some new clothes for the summer, .......preferably Valentino &/or Chanel.


People never change, u try to be nice 2 them & all they do is take advantage!

She laughs.

That's it my fashionistas, Glamour Girl has left the building, and she had a blast in Copenhagen.

Have a lovely weekend Ladies & I'll see u all on Monday or Tuesday 4 some MAJOR fun........we are Going to have a MAKE-UP CLASS! Lots of colors, Fake lashes the whole SHEEE-BAAAAANG!

xoxo from Fumi.

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25-Mar-2011 kl.19:21

Fin blogg!

Kommentere tilbake? ;;


25-Mar-2011 kl.19:37

Those Zodiac statues was amazing! Hm...I guess you are that *uhu* coffee-girl, right?


25-Mar-2011 kl.19:39

hei, fin blogg. hadde vrt fint med en kommentar tilbake :) <3



25-Mar-2011 kl.19:51

jamzy: Hello Jamzy, thank u very much for commenting on my blog. I'm so sorry that I didn't comment on your blog, the problem is i don't understand Norwegian and I've only just started taking classes to learn the language so please be patent with me. Smile. I'm going to your blog right now . Have a nice weekend and see u again soon. xoxo


25-Mar-2011 kl.19:56

Cat_food: She laughs, Hello Cat_food! Yes! I am am the one and only coffee girl! What about u darling? Are u coffee or cream? Have a wonderful weekend. xoxo


25-Mar-2011 kl.19:59

xjsl.blogg.no: Hello doll, soooo sorry i didn't comment back. I don't understand Norwegian yet and I've just begun to take Norwegian classes so that i can interact with everybody. So please be patient with me and i will do my very best. Until then have a wonderful weekend and I hope to see u again soon, going to your blog now, xoxo.


26-Mar-2011 kl.01:02

Hi! Thanks for the comment on our blog. No, we don't are sisters. We are just bestfriends. If you wanna se who is who of us, you can check out the blog now! We have written it. I really like your blog...

- xoxo, shella


26-Mar-2011 kl.02:59

I am very cream...you know cats like that alot...perhaps a coffee-cat too?


27-Mar-2011 kl.21:11

xjsl: Will do my darling Charlie's Angeles. Your bogg is great too, I looooooooove it. xoxo


27-Mar-2011 kl.21:12

xjsl: Sorry, I ment to type in BLOGG:)).

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