R u thirsty, well I have a designer drink for u! & guess what? it's non-alcoholic & calorie free!

Karl Lagerfeld Reveals New Designs 4 Coke!

From catwalk to corner shop, Karl Lagerfeld continues to add his stylistic touch.

Collaborating once again with Diet Coke, Fashion's favoured designer has created 3 iconic bottles all fashionably wrapped in his trademark 'dark glasses/high collar' signature.

Hankering to be enjoyed with this season's COLOR BLOCK trend, the contemporary prints scream Karl. Ha!

Karl has also been multi-tasking so we hear......the new advertising campaign featuring Coco Rocha, Heidi Mount & Jeneil Williams was shot by the Fab designer as well.

I can only imagine how much Coke Cola paid him for that!

Just in from Glam.UK.

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