Here's our 1st make-up class! Get ready 2B beautiful darlings!


Hello my Fashionistas! This is a class about how to apply your base makle-up (foundation/powder) b4 u apply the colors to the eyes, cheeks and lips.

So sorry for the long wait, but between my Norwegian classes, being a wife and a hundred other things, this took a while. But no more excuses, she laughs. It's here and there are 3 more classes I'm going to put up @ the end of every week. Enjoy the tutorial and p leeeeeeeeeeeeease post comments and whatever questions you would like to ask me.

Hope u all had a wonderful weekend and I'll see u all next week, same place, same time.

And as always, don't 4get to B......................GLAMOUROUS!

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Cheryl from Bergen

03-Apr-2011 kl.19:27

Enjoyed your video on how to apply the base, would have loved to have seen you apply the color to your eyes and lips, but I know you will cover that in your next video. You should get in touch with my daughter's friend, Jackie. Jackie is also on our facebook, she works with makeup and has been to Chicago and Hollywood. I am sure she would love to get some advice from you.

Cheryl from Bergen

03-Apr-2011 kl.19:31

I would love to visit you sometime and have you help me pick out colors for my face, I like natural tones/colors. Maybe this Fall, if you have some free time on a weekend. :)


03-Apr-2011 kl.20:04

Selling almost completely unused clothes and shoes on my blog:


03-Apr-2011 kl.20:13

This is really informative for a [dark] girl on the go like myself Fumi. Merci beaucoup!


Julliet Enock`s

03-Apr-2011 kl.20:53

Thanks Fumulicious


03-Apr-2011 kl.21:25



03-Apr-2011 kl.21:41

Babe, no sorry GG LOL! Nice work! video is great and I also would have liked to see you do the eyes but I guess I just have to watch the next video. And when I come visit I'll get the personal touch!

Seriously hun, there is no end to your talent.

Lots of love to you and Ole xx

Tessa Henry

03-Apr-2011 kl.21:57

Good stuff darling! Can't wait for part 2. xoxo

Lone Bru Kjr

03-Apr-2011 kl.22:05

Wonderful as always ;)

03-Apr-2011 kl.22:35

Wow Fumi, your video demonstration is fabulous! You are so fun to watch and your advice is terrific. I am looking forward to seeing your next videos! Now I'm hooked!

Love ya,

Alex :-D

03-Apr-2011 kl.23:35

you have just save someone you don't know how to use make-up correctly, i was a disaster, now with your desmonstration i think i will be perfect!!! i'm waiting for the next demonstration!!! thank you so much Fumi you are the beeeeeeeeeest!!!


03-Apr-2011 kl.23:58



04-Apr-2011 kl.02:31

Love this. Thank you


04-Apr-2011 kl.10:33

As usual, you make the world more colorfull! I love your skin color and your make-up, darling! :)


04-Apr-2011 kl.10:59

Oh, thank you beautiful;)

Elena Partolina

04-Apr-2011 kl.12:29

Thanx 4 the video, Fumes! love it ! i am actually gonna try to apply the base the way U show here )) I have a question though - how do U moisturise ur skin before putting on make up? Do u use some serum and moisturizer first ? xoxo

Glenda Anfinsen

04-Apr-2011 kl.20:35

This is awesome! Thank you for the video and for updating me. I love it! Looking forward for the next video. By the way, I like the music you used at the end of the video: Golden Eye... OST of one of James Bond films :-)


05-Apr-2011 kl.15:19

This page is awesome!

Ine Petrine

05-Apr-2011 kl.21:18



05-Apr-2011 kl.23:57

I love the tutorial! Thank you ;)

Haus of Lady Gagacentric

06-Apr-2011 kl.00:17

I loved the class....Cannot wait for the next classes and then finally being under the wings of the master herself.....I need a brand new collection of make up and brushes. This weekend I applied mine and the brushes was leaving its hair on my face. Nasty yeah...

Landi Oshinowo

06-Apr-2011 kl.01:08

Hey Glamour Sister, I love, love, love your blog!!! Its informative, funny and full Glamour.

can't wait to see the next instalment, keep up the good work. xxxxxxx

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