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When I did my introduction bio for this blog, I got so many positive responses from the pictures I had put up of my mother in China.

So I said to myself "Why not do a montage of Mummykinns?"
And so this little slide show began.
As I put the pictures together I began to think of HER and what it must have been like in those days.
There wasn't any Facebook, youtube or internet for that matter.
And then I began to think of ALL Mothers, ..................our mother's.
What AMAZING people they are.
This is dedicated to all of them around the world.
To look back and know that whatever she wished for me is what I wish for my own future children
To know that some times she was sad, sometimes she was scared to be in a strange country but had no choice but to always strive on and persevere.
In these pictures my mum is younger than I am today, she went to China and then went on to Moscow, Russia where she got a bachelors aaaaaaaaaaand a master's degree in Languages.
Today, she speaks 7 languages and has met EVERY Head of State & President u can think of.
She also met my father there who was a medical student at the time, now a Surgeon.
They fell in love, got married & had 3 children.
In this montage u will see my father standing outside the hospital where I was born, 40 yrs later I returned to that same hospital with my husband.
This is life!!!!!!! & as I traced her footsteps all the way back, I think of her imprints in the sand that protected & guided me at soooooooo many different stages of my life, & has in one way or the other brought me to where I am today. Thank youmama.
I will NEVER be able repay you for the life u have given me, the only way I will ever be able to show my gratitude, is to make the most of mine.
Be the VERY BEST person I can be and a wonderful mother to my future children as you have been to me.
We are blessed to have them and in more ways than one we DO become them b'cos they live through us, our children & our children's children.
And so,..... happy tears run down my face to realize that this fascinating life of ours DOES go round and around.
As mother's day comes up in America, it's interesting to know that it has just passed in the UK and it was Mothers day on the 13 of February in Norway.
A very, very HAPPY MOTHERS DAY to all of you.
From your daughters and sons.

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