What I wore 2day!

APRIL 9th. 8:35am.

Still sleeping & dreaming of beautiful things, always Designers!

11:35 am.

Hello Sunshine!

So where shall I go today?

Dance like nobody's watching!

So this is what I wore & where they came from.

1. Sunglasses/Solbriller from/fra H&M-Oslo

2. Earrings/ redobber from/fra TopShop-London.

3. Top/Topp from/fra Chanel-New York.

4. Jeans/Buske from/fra Valentino-Los Angeles.

5. Gold Cuff/Armbnd from/fra TopShop-London.

6. Gold watch/Klokke from/fra Gucci-New York.

7. Belt/Belte from/fra Aldo-Copenhagen.

8. Bag/Veske from/fra H&M-Los Angeles.

9. Shoes/Sko from/fra H&M-Oslo.

10. Rings/Ringer - Wedding rings-Los Angeles & Bergen.

11. Nailpolish/Neglelakk from/fra H&M

A, Nail polish is called 'Check me Out'

B, Toe polish is called 'Deeply in RED with you'

12. Perfume/Parfyme from/fra Hermes, Un jardin Sur Le Nil.

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10-Apr-2011 kl.05:31

Love it. Work it momma. Happy birthday to you . Miss you too much. Big Hugs

10-Apr-2011 kl.10:47

Looking good Supreme. Those colours are bursting just inline with Spring


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