Buy clothes & make them your own!

As u would have guessed by now I loooooooove shopping, but who doesn't?

When I started modeling in New York I quickly learned that the key 2 any outfit was the fit.

Alterations is an absolute necessity. Every celebrity we see on the RED carpet has a team of people that make sure they look flawless.

Now I'm sure that you've all gone shopping & seen a dress or a pair of shoes that you have liked but, "if it was only a little longer, shorter, tighter, looser, long sleeved, different color etc.

We are all different shapes, sizes & heights with different tastes & living in different climates!

So yes! We are challenged every day with what we see when we go shopping.

Well fret no longer my darlings, that can be accomplished with a little imagination, a good tailor or a sewing machine, that is if you can sew or are willing to try & save costs.

Take for example the beautiful collection Lanvinmade for H&M!

The collection was great!

A) She looked ok......but...

B) & as 4 this one...............Where R the fashion police??????

PINK shoes!@#@##????

Anyway as I was saying.........

I looooooved the PINK dress with the one sleeve! The BLACKbelt?.......not so much!

So this is what I did.....

I CUT the black belt off!!!! (Lanvin would have honestly understood, laughing).

(My darling husband & I @ a friend's wedding)

Yep, I cut that elastic-ky thing off, Slimed the dress down on both sides @ the hip area, made a belt & added a much more appropriate

BLING-BLING buckle to it.....

.......& TA-DA!! This dress turned into something else!

Some of my friends kept on saying "Lanvin 4H&M!"........

"Fumi, tell the truth, did u go to theLanvin boutique?

LOL, u see, as far as I was concerned, the black belt just limited the colored accessories I could wear with the dress to ............only BLACK! How boooooooring is that?

Aaaaaaand I really wanted to wear my Louboutins with them.

So I turned it into a little more 2 my liking aaaaaaand u can too!

& look GLAMOUROUS just being YOU.

Take 2.

Back to H&M again......

What can I tell u? I'm guilty! H&M is so affordable and in my opinion anything trendy should not be expensive.

Your classic pieces are timeless and those u can invest more money in.

So I found myself looking for a pair of nice wedge sandals 4 the upcoming season.

And I really didn't see anything I liked until I stumbled across these

Nautical striped wedge sandals.

They were nice, but....hmmm.

Then it came to me!!!!!!!! So I bought them & hurried home.

They look different already, yes?

I wasn't crazy about the strap coming all the way over the foot so...

Yep, u guessed it! I CUT them off!

Then I took a needle & thread, sewed the ends together & attached them 2 the insides of the sandal.

You have to agree, they really do look better.

See! Fabulous! & they didn't cost extra!

That's it 4 2day folks.

Actually it's 1:31am Oslo time so I really do have 2 go 2 bed now.
Have a wonderful weekend my fashionistas, go out & enjoy the wonderful weather!


7 kommentarer

10-Apr-2011 kl.10:51

Nice one Fumi, they do look alot better with your creative flare


Hege Susanne

10-Apr-2011 kl.13:07

That looks so much better, it's all about being creative:-)

Lone Bru Kjr

10-Apr-2011 kl.14:10

Brilliant tips, and the dress looked amazing now! :D


10-Apr-2011 kl.14:38

u looks awsome .......

love u



10-Apr-2011 kl.17:53

Lone Bru Kjr: Awwwwww tusen takk darling. I hope u are enjoying the beautiful weekend? xoxo GG.


10-Apr-2011 kl.17:55

Hege Susanne: Yes princess, it's all about being creative and having fun with your clothes. BIG hug. xoxo GG.

Glenda Anfinsen

11-Apr-2011 kl.17:49

very creative! I like the way you modified these stuffs without spending bulk of money.. great job honey fumi!

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