Joint Knuckle Rings.

Noooo out fit is complete without jewelry......FACT!

Having said that I don't know any girl or woman who doesn't love them, myself included.

I like everything, u name it, I want it.

Joint Knuckle rings sounds painful or the kind of rings Boxer's wear to protect their fingers b4 they go into the ring for a fight. But these rings are beautiful and I must say very different from whatever I have seen out there in a while + they are very comfortable & bend with your finger. This is good news, yes?

It all started last year summer when I went back to Los Angeles to visit my friends & generally have a good time.

I went to one of my favorite stores BCBG MAXAZIRA! There never is a time when I go into that store without leaving with a purchase. Right there as I was paying for an amazing metal mesh bag ....I saw in a glass display a strange but beautiful piece of jewelry that looked like a ring but wasn't sure.

So I asked the sales girl what that was and she said "Oh! those just came in, they're called Joint rings, u have long fingers, u should try one on?" ....How could I say no!

And BAAAAAAAAAAM! I was in love for about the 17th time that day.

The Rhinestone Pave Joint Ring...........It just decorated my whole finger.


All of a sudden I felt like getting manicure & I only feel like that when I wear diamonds,

....................REAL diamonds mind u.

A few weeks later I saw them on Hiedi Klum!

Love, love, love Heidi by the way.

Then I saw them on Victoria Beckham.....

Also a lovable Diva, we worked 2gether on Ugly Betty, when she had a cameo..Fierce!

..........and then on Kate Olsen (of the Olsen twins).

This really peeked my interest b'cos anything rare HAS to have come from somewhere, this is NOT production honey.

And so I discovered that the originator of these beautiful pieces was no other than LA based

jewelry designer LOREE RODKIN.Known 4 making some of theeeeeeee most beautiful encrusted jewelry with a Super-Duper GOTH edge. She's guilty (&happily so) of starting the whole ARMOR knuckle phenomenon.

She was also commissioned by 1st Lady, Michelle Obama to make her inaugural jewelry. Wowoweee.

Michelle Obama wearing Loree Rodkin jewelry.

Michy Poo also wearing Loree Rodkins earrings!

Loree Good job baby, talk about having friends in high places!.

Loree's high placed friend number 2!.........Daphne...

Daphne Suzannah Diana Joan Guinness.

Daphne Guinness is known for her love of Armor

A New York Socialite & an heiress of the the (beer) Guinness DYNASTY.

A fashion connoisseur & former Alexander McQueen muse with her own Comme des Garcons fragrance.

Known 4 her love of Armor it is then no surprise that she & Loree Rodkin collaborated & created a 'KILLER' collection.

Shut-up & Screeeeeeeeeeam! $#$@!&*^#!!

But then again that's if u can afford $20,000.00 per piece!!!!........em...I'll get back 2 u.

As I've often said.........I'm here to help, so u cannot afford Loree's rings, don't loose sleep over it, b'cos we are going to go around the corner & a couple of notches down to .....


I feel like a Gladiator when I wear this. lol.



Loooooooooooove it to the MAX! Kr 129,-

Wear them 2gether with Chanel 'Snow White" nail polish & TA DA!!

Naughty & nice...Sugar & Spice.

Pamela Love is another Jewelry designer who created theeeee..

The double cage Ring.

The silver bird cage VERSIONretails for $25 / Kr140,!!!!!!!

In Bronze/Gold@ Net a & retails for $460 / Kr2,500,-.......if u can afford it, go ahead!

Or silver.

You see, she got her nails done too.

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Ida & Christine

13-Apr-2011 kl.13:02

I love those kinds of rings, they're awesome! Sadly I'm not very good at wearing rings, but if I was, I'd wear these types! :)


13-Apr-2011 kl.23:41

Hello my darlings, BIG smile on my face! Awwwww that's ok honey, who cares anyway? There are other rings and jewelry that will suit u & u can have fun with, yes?

I hope u both have a Happy Easter. kisses and hugs GG.

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