This week............Cheeks!


Hello my darlings! Smiling. Yep, I'm back for the 3rd week running to do all those beautiful cheeks.

This is a pretty short class, but still fun.

I also wanted to update u.........It's my Birthday this weekend..YEY!!!!!!

So I'm off 2SCOTLAND2 have a good time & visit my darling in-laws 4 a week!

(Soooooooooooo excited!!!!).

(I've REALLY missed them,........UP RANGERS!!!!)

Anyway I'll still post the 'LIPS'make-up class next week, with maybe a little some thing else until I get back.

Aaaaaaaaaaaand when I do get back, I'll have all kinds of goodies 4 u from my trip.

Until then have a wonderful weekend & wishing u all a very HAPPY EASTER next weekend.

Hugs, kisses & toodles.


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Cheryl from Bergen

15-Apr-2011 kl.12:11

Love your videos! Do you have any tips to Camouflage sagging or double chins like mine? :)


15-Apr-2011 kl.12:12

fy ass.. Du er min favoritt!

Ida & Christine

15-Apr-2011 kl.14:01

Happy upcoming birthday! :D


15-Apr-2011 kl.17:54

Photoshoot: Tusen, tusen takk. Smiling. Going to your blogg now. xoxo GG.


15-Apr-2011 kl.17:56

Ida & Christine: Tusen, Tusen takk min venner:)). xoxo GG.


15-Apr-2011 kl.17:59

Cheryl from Bergen: Ahhhhhhhhh Cheryl stop, u a beautiful just the way u are aaaaaaaaaand I love u very much. xoxo GG.


15-Apr-2011 kl.22:20

E-MER-GENCEEEEEE! :) ha haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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