Yves Saint Laurent Arty Gold plated Ring.

HAPPY EASTER everybody! I missed u.

Have u ever seen such gorgeous weather?

Anyway back to this beautiful ring from YSL. I just got back from Scotland early this morning, I had a blast & will talk about that later.

Scotland will 4ever be in my heart b'cos of this ring. It is theeeeeee Jewelry piece ofthe season and is SOLD out everywhere, apart from Harvey Nichols inEdinburgh that is. As u already know by now I loooooooooove rings and anything different is a plus, plus, PLUS!

YSL Arty Gold-Plated Ring. $250 @ Net-A-Porter.com

PS: White nail polish is amazing on, I thought I'd put it on to show u.

This is fromRevlonand they did a whole collection of rainbow water colours in SNOW, SKY, MINT, LEMON, PEACH & ROSE!!!!!!!

Naturaly I bought them all and shall show case them every week for u 2 c. My little Easter egg treat to u, she laughs.

Go to the website and see what colours u might like, Summer is coming.

xoxo GG.

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