Hello my lovies, say hello to CANNES!

I've been all over the place!

Hello my darlings, u must be thinking I don't love u any more!

..................Far from it, there's no other way to say it, other than to just spit it out........

I've been running around like a headless chicken for the past 3 weeks and it doesn't seem to be slowing down!

I was preparing everything for my trip to Cannes, which by the way was beyond fantastic,( will be putting up pictures as I finish writing this) I had a blast and it was a success on so many different levels I'm literally busrting with happiness.

But since I'm just a one-man-show, which is very good at times b'cos I have complete creative control, it's also time consuming since I have to do EVERYTHING myself and so I've added a new talent to my resume....."Circus act"

A multiple juggler to be exact b'cos that's how I feel, she laughs.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining, it's just that everything now has to be prioritized & with my Norwegian classes coming @ the very top of the list. Might I add that it's a pure labour of love as I really enjoy learning the language and I'm getting a hang of it day by day.

Also I'm creating my own WEBSITE as we speak!!!! Yey! 

So excited and it's been a long time coming, it's going to be FABULOUS with all the bells & whistles.

All the movies I've acted in, the countries I've visited, fashion and much much more.

I can assure you, you are going to looooooooove it.

It's going to be GLOBAL, b'cos I'm global or at least that's how I feel, after all, I was born in Moscow, I'm a very proud African, lived must of my life in England and America, and now I live in the beautiful principality of 


Of course it's going to be global, just look at all I have to play with, smiling.

And 1 more thing i'm adding to the mix.............we are going to have GUESTS coming unto the show that will be aired from the website, I tell u, it's going to be fun, fun fun my sweeties.

Ok enough for now.

Below are pictures from the ever beautiful South of France....enjoy.

1ST up.........Cannes.

Jeans - True religion - Los Angeles

Shoes - Tory Burch - Miami

Top- Gina tricot - Oslo

Watch Hermes- New York

Bracelet - H&M -Oslo

Waiting 4 my luggage, I brought 2 big cases for 10 days.

I was going to be changing into 2 outfits everyday + accessories, yep 2 suitcases was about right!

The Carlton hotel right on the Croisette

Dress  - Vintage -  Copenhagen 

Belt - Hermes - New York

Watch - Hermes - New York

Sandals - Gucci - London

The film premier for PUSS in BOOTS!

Do u need a ride back to the hotel?

These were performers that I ran into in the lobby, they were so nice.

Dress - Gina Tricot

Bag- Hermes

Necklace - Lanvin

Dress - Lanvin 

Shoes - Prada

Blouse - Lanvin

Jewllery - Lanvin

Bag - Michael Kors
Being on the famous 24 steps leading into the Palais des Festivals was wonderful, I had to go back a few steps so that my picture could be taken. That's the thing, flash bulbs are coming at u from EVERY angle!

This was another event where celebrities came and gave interviews.

I had NEVER heard or seen LION BAR cereal until Cannes, but there it is!

This was a fantastic event for African & African American Actors (I happen 2 B both) around the world, I had a fabulous time and made some major contacts.

So u see, it wasn't all fun & parties in Cannes, I worked too.

With New York socialite Shala Monroque!

The event was held at the beautiful MAJESTIC Hotel.

Kaftan -  Lagos, Nigeria

Watch - Hermes

Shoes - Aldo

Bag - Hermes.


And then I was off to the Croisette to be with friends.

Dinner and dancing all night long, nothing like having fun just by the beach!

May 17th, is Norway's independence day & I spent it at the Scandinavian lounge

Aaaaaaaaand everybody loved my T-shirt, I missed my husband & wished I was at home w/ him.

With Norwegian designer & good friend, Nina Skarra @ the Gala event at the Radisson Blu hotel

in an AMAZING Nina Skarra dress!

I felt like a princess all night long.

At night the boats came ALIVE with dinner and parrties.

The casinos too.

All u need is a SHOW-Stopping dress! I chose this 1. Do u like it?

In front of the amazing Majestic hotel.

Off to visit my dear friend Joss & have a Champaign lunch!

Dress- Lanvin 

Jewellery - Lanvin 

Sandals - Gucci 

Lip gloss - Cinnamon - YSL

With my dear friend Joss, our husbands are Norwegians

and we wanted to show our love, dedication and support

EVEN if we were in the South of France. We are GOOD wives, she smiles.

And that's it for now darlings, I'll be back later to put up more pics

from................Monte Carlo!!!!!!! 

Yep, we're moving on, Good bye  & thank u Cannes, I had a BLAST!

Hugs & kisses.


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Pia Bjørnsen

01-Jun-2011 kl.09:23

Veldig fint innlegg ! Bra skrevet!!

Vil du vinne en konkurranse på bloggen min? Gå inn på escada.blogg.no og stem "Pia Bjørnsen".


01-Jun-2011 kl.12:28

Pia Bjørnsen: Tusen takk Pia. Nice of u to offer and yes I will like to join the contest. Will also comment on your blog as well.

xoxo GG.

Mama Violet

01-Jun-2011 kl.16:38

You are fabulous! Love your style.

Cheryl from Bergen

02-Jun-2011 kl.13:59

I loved your piece on Cannes and can't wait for all the exciting news on your trip to Monte Carlo. Love all the photos, you look radiant! Safe travels Fumi :)

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