Shoes, Shoes GLORIOUS SHOES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I will NEVER have enough shoes, so yes, I will always be guilty of spending too much money on shoes.

I know for a fact that i'm not the only one either, there are hundreds of guilty partners running around in Los angeles & New York!

Ever since I was 4 yrs old (Yes, my mother told me so, she laughs) I have always loved shoes.

I also think that, that goes for every other female on the face of this planet. I don't know WHAT it is!!!!!!!!

& our dear husbands, boyfriends, fathers & brothers can Never understand how we still want to buy more when we have so many.

This is why we girls go shoe shopping together, b'cos we understand the addiction.

This was a very risky thing I did, posting this subject on my blog.

You see my darling husband had no idea how many shoes I really had, why? B'cos I have them scattered all over the house, ....under the bed, in the hallway, in suitcases, shoe boxes, in storage, in the wardrobe...everywhere!

So today when I decided to do a topic about shoes and brought ALL of them out!.....

It's ok guys, .........I had a bullet Proof vest on!

............B'cos if u had seen my husbands face!!!!!! In absolute disbelief! She laughs

And so, as they say "The cat was out of the bag".

I buy shoes b'cos I love them, It doesn't matter if they are desgner shoes or not, if it appeals to me and it's something that I've been looking for, then I go ahead and get them.

We as GIRLS buy all kinds of shoes for different reasons & occasions or simply just b'cos they look sooooooooo SEXY on our feet & makes our legs look like they should be insured for nothing less that a million dollars.

I for one, feel different and walk differently when I have a pair of heels on.

I've put all of my foot wear in different departments, yes my darling fashionistas, my entire wardrobe is an office that works efficiently and effectively to keep her highness (That would be me) decked out to her finest!... no matter the occasion or time of day.


I'm going to show case some of my favorite shoes, I can't do all of them, but some of them are so dear to my heart.

I just have to share their stories. I've walked and had some amazing journies and experiences in them. Some of them I've had for about 10 yrs , while others I haven't even worn yet, but still they make me all smile b'cos of the emotionally attachment I have towards them.



Hello there PussyCat! I love your bots!

When I first got married and realised I would be moving to beautiful Norway, I had a mischievous grin on my face b'cos It instantly ment that I was going to get a whole bunch of fantastic looking boots, heels, wedges, flats you name it!

You see, while I was living in Los Angeles, I didn't really need them, b'cos it's one loooooooooong beautiful summer there.

But in wonderful Norway, we are blessed with the 4 seasons of the year!

Spring, Summer, Autum & Winter.

So it really isn't my fault, (blinking innocently).

The black patent boots beside the Red boots to your left are fromGUCCI, I've had them since 1995 when TOM FORD took over the house of Gucci as it's new head designer.

When I saw these RED boots, I said to myself... "Fumi, u R a BAD girrrrrrrrl"

Spice up your wardrobe with diffrerent coloured boots apart from the basic black & brown.

I love these alligator boots, I bought them in New York & was BROKE for a month! Still, no regrets.

The ones to the extreme right were bought for me by my hubby in London, they feel like socks on & go all the way up to your thigh, I wear them over jeans in the Autum.

Luxury baby!

Somtimes I take boots that I've just bought to the cobbler so he can take them in at the calf, I like my boots to look long and lean and they look so much better, sometimes a completly different pair of boots all together after the make-over....ha!

And of course you must have your UGG boots & Rain boots for those days when u have to be practical and move fast!!!!!!!!!!

Just look for the most exquisite shoe store, and I'll be there!

UP NEXT! ............TWINS!

Sometimes, you just stumble accross a pair of shoes & u know that ONE pair is NOT enough! You NEED back-up. The sheer horror of anything going wrong with theeeeee single pair u do have...... is almost enough to check yourself into the Intensive care unit at the hospital. You just have to have THAT second pair just in case ANYTHING happens to the ones u do have. Plus sometimes it's a situation where u have been LOOKING all over the world

(It feels like that sometimes) for that exact pair.

Hence the word TWINS, "Oh yes I'll have these 2 in those 2 colours pls"

Twins can also be bags & shoes that match, Oh so FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!

I bought these in Soho, New York city! I looooooooove them.

These are from MANGO in Oslo. The rubber soles protect your feet and u can walk for hours with an extra 3 inches added to your hight. Be the SUPER MODEL that u are honey! Wink!

Good old reliable UGGS, If u can afford one, then u can afford 2!

3rd time LUCKY Honey!



I really do believe that because of my AFRICAN heritage (Of which I'm very PROUD) that I have a weakness for animal prints. Aaaaaaaaand as I've gotten older I love to wear something that is traditionally me, let me not even get started on how many caftans I have! Anyway, I always make sure I have 3 diffrent animal prints to choose from, so here goes.

This is the reason I will forever lover Roberto Cavalli, he does the Best Animal print designs ever.

The leopards are from Mango, the ones in the middle, I designed & the last pair R from Guess.

The ANCARA wedges are from Aldo, the Red are from Nigeria & the 3rd ones are from Birkenstock my hubby bought for me in Amsterdam.



This might come as a shock to u darling, but your expecting Quadruplets!

Havaiana flip flops are nothing less than a God send! At last u can look super cool and colour co'ordinate in

flip flops!

There was a time when flip flops were a NO-NO! Plain and sipmle, but with FUN colours like these they suddenly become perfect for places beyond the beach!Yey!

That's right, I grabed 4. And wear them all summer all. These puppies have lasted 3 summers already.

I love RED shoes and have to have them in High sandals as well as shoes, there are some colours that u can wear all year long, Red happens to B one of those colours! It's a super Strong, sexy colour! Ah!

Ok let me explain,............I had a friend who used to work at GUCCI. She always let me know when there was a sale!

I didn't tell u aboout my other friend Monica? Are u sure? (this is all for my husbands benefit)

Monica was ALSO a girlfriend of mine who would let me know when there was a sale @ MANOLO BLAHNIK she laughs.



I looooooooooove colour! It makes me happy, alive and stand OUT at any party!

Just 4 u darling, b'cos I love u now & 4ever more. xoxo

These are from Nike.

They were a wedding gift among others from my husband when we had our 1st wedding in Los Angeles.

(Yes, I'm sure u know by now we got married 3 times, 1st in LA, 2nd in Lagos, Nigeria and 3rd in Bergen, Norway)

Anyway he got these designed for me with my NEW initials.....


Naturally, I love them and they are very dear to my heart so I don't wear them all the time b'cos I don't have a BACK-UP & do not want to wear them out..........ever.

BLIN, BLING! On the RED Carpet baby!

My dearest and most adored christian louboutins. They go with everything believe me.

There's something about steping into the night and seeing your shoes twinkle! MAGIC.

I got these in London, and I just had to have them, I haven't worn them yet, but I will.

The sweetheart bow is so adorable with a pink pedicure! So feminie.

I feel like MARILYN MONROE in these & the arch is super high.

I bought these green Manolo's in New York, they go with a dress that's the exact same colour!

ALDO is a store that I have always loved right from my NY days when I was modeling.

Sometimes they really have some shoes that just say WOW!

I wore these darling BADGLEY MISCHKA's to my 3rd wedding reception in Bergen, it was winter, but I didnt care.

Dune Shoes are a UK brand, I buy them during Easter when I go to Scotland to visit my ever so loving in-laws.

Valentino shoe shopping in Rome!


I once went to a party in the Hamptons, and standing in the corner was a lady wearinga long chiffon dress, diamonds and FLAT sandals!!!!!!!!!! It was sooooobreathtakingly cool, so effortless and classic.

After that I've been hooked.

When my hubby and I entertain at home I always were flats, fully dressed of course, nails, hair, makeup, delicious perfume etc, but in flats, and I just glide accross to the entertainment center from the wet bar with ease.

So FABULOUS darlings.

The are FAKE jelly CHANEL slippers, I woun't say anything if u wount, smiling.

ACCESSORIZE is another store I fell in love with when I moved to Bergen, now they are everywhere for a GOOD reason, they really do have all the lovely accessories to make THAT outfit POP!

EMILIO PUCCI has a place in my heart for 2 reasons, my mother was the first to give me Pucci and the head designer for the house of PUCCI is Norwegian, Peter Dundas. He has turned the house around and I've fallen in love with them again. Smooches.

These are ZARA and I wore them all over ROME this past summer holiday. They are super comfortable and the GOLD tip adds that extra GLAMOUR which I adore.

Animal print, no explantation needed. I just prayed to God that they had them in my size!

Black platforms are TORY BURCH, I bought them in Miami & ended up bumping into and old, old friend:-)

What I need at this point is a shoe closet like Mariah Carey's or maybe even BIGGER!


There are a thousand shoe designers out there, old and new, everyone more creative than the other, I wish to God I could buy them all, but what would be the fun in that?

One has to dream and have something to look forward to, YES!

So, in the mean time, we'll make do with what we have, (referring to me here).

I love designer shoes, I've given a lot away to my sister, lost some and some,... I've lost through constant moving.

Anyway, as expensive as they are, I will NEVER stop buying them, not b'cos they are the "IN" thing or b'cos of the name attached to them.....But b'cos they are just simply GORGEOUS!

I've had these for a while and so cool on a cream outfit with a SUPER sized BLACK clutch!

These are so SEXY on, I always wear RED toe polish with these, I call them my Valentino Killers.

These were from a new designer I was modeling for in NY fashion week, I wore them with a sensational dress and didn't fall on the runway, he gave me these as a gift!..............MARK EISEN.

Classic MONALO'S, I first saw them on Carrie from Sex & the City!

These are from kenzoand I always wear them with a white dress and CHANEL bows in my hair.

.....................& MOST R NOT DESIGNER SHOES,


Yelllow was theeeee COLOUR of 2011, so I jumped for joy when I saw these at ZARA!

I got these ShoeBoots on Sunset Boulevard, LA! They were 1/2 price!........SOLD to the tall gorgeous girl with an accent like the SUPERMODEL Iman.

These were BCBG I bought them in Santa Barbara, California.

My sister sent these to me from New Jersey, New York. ALDO.

I wore them almost every day inSt Tropez!

GUESS can do some really cool shoes, I loved the shocking pink against the cork!

Another DUNE pair that wrap around your legs so beautifuly. You feel like a present gifting the world with femininity!

I went to thePLAYBOY MANSION for a partywhen I lived in LA. It was FANTASTIC, CRAZY & EXCITING all at the same time.

The theme of the party was called MID SUMMER NIGHTS DREAM.

Anyway, towards the end of the party these shoes above were in goody bags that were given as gifts to all the girls that came, the ushers asked us what size we were, and I said "Oh no thank you, I don't really want BIGGER boobs" .........

& the usher said to me "darling, I mean your shoes size"

So that it folks!

My shoes, their stories and my ever ending love to adorn my feet with the best colours, leather and stills possible.

I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did going down memory lane.

Have a good week ahead of u and as always remember to be............GLAMOUROUS!


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21-Aug-2011 kl.20:47

A girls dream...


21-Aug-2011 kl.20:48

fine sko:D


21-Aug-2011 kl.20:49

You are a female right?

Charlotte Jrgensen

21-Aug-2011 kl.20:50

Omg, so many shoes! Your lucky!


21-Aug-2011 kl.20:51



21-Aug-2011 kl.21:00

soooo many pretty and so pretty!!!


21-Aug-2011 kl.21:01

Estefani: Yes, darling! I'm a girl, a girl that loooooooooooves shoes. Tusen takk


21-Aug-2011 kl.21:02

Sara: Tusen takk Sara. xoxo GG.


21-Aug-2011 kl.21:02

mariannenaustvik: Tusen takk Mariann! GG.


21-Aug-2011 kl.21:03

Charlotte Jrgensen: Tusen takk Charlotte xoxo GG.


21-Aug-2011 kl.21:03

tenderlove: Tusen takk, xoxo GG.


21-Aug-2011 kl.21:04

Wow, I wish I had that many shoes.. ;)


21-Aug-2011 kl.21:05

Man fr ikke nok sko nei;)


21-Aug-2011 kl.21:23

One think is for sure, u never get enough shoes!! For sure ;)

Aldri vrt p en kjendis blogg, ifra usa fr. Yrkene dine hres spennende ut :)


21-Aug-2011 kl.21:24

Love your shoes!:)

21-Aug-2011 kl.21:30

All l can say is wow....l thought l was having alot of shoes...! whom am l kidding.. lol!!! those are FABILOUS shoes, your a real GLAMOUR girl,thanks for the inspiration, <3 <3 <3 the color and animal print.


21-Aug-2011 kl.22:09

Anonym: Tusen takk darling. xoxo GG.


21-Aug-2011 kl.22:09

Sandippen: Tusen takk Sadippen. xoxo GG.


21-Aug-2011 kl.22:10

Gina: Thank u Gina :-) GG. xoxo


21-Aug-2011 kl.22:11

keynote: Thank u darling. GG. xoxo

Mona Louise

21-Aug-2011 kl.23:52

OMG, I LOVE your blog already!!!! WOW, what a brilliant collection of shoes you've got there, lady!!! :D

For some strange reason it was really really exciting to read about all your shoes and their stories! Maybe it was because you are so passionate about it, and passionate people are always a huge inspiration =)

Anyway, I hope you don't mind me following your blog ;)

Enjoy the rest of your evening :)

XX, Mona

Mama Violet

22-Aug-2011 kl.05:08

Beautiful collection!


22-Aug-2011 kl.19:09

Camilla: Tusen takk Camilla:-) xoxo GG.


22-Aug-2011 kl.19:11

Mona Louise: Awwwwwwwww thank u sooooo much Mona! I would love for u to follow my blogg, smiling.

And pls let me know if there is anything you would like me to blogg about.

Have a wonderful evening and thank u again for the kind words. xoxo GG.


22-Aug-2011 kl.19:11

Mama Violet: Thank u very much Mama Violet:-). xoxo GG.

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