Fall / Autumn 2011, Part 2..........CHUNKY SWEATERS!


Yep, Fall is finally here but, not for one second are we going to be anything less than


This week I'm talking aboutCHUNKY SWEATERS,we all wear them, b'cos it' an absolute must for those chilly days, this season we it's going to be so much more fun wearing them in the vibrant colours that are out now!

Go ahead guys brighten up your day with a coloured sweater that just POPS up your day with ligh & fun.

I promise u, it will make u feel good too.

It doesn't matter if u live in Oslo or................

.............are taking a walk in CENTRAL PARK,New York!

Or anywhere else in the world for that matter, there is something for everybody! YEY!

NET-A-PORTERsays the 70's are back! I could have told them that, I wrote about that last week!

Last week I talked aboutDIANA ROSS & ANJELICA HOUSTON.

&what an impact they made in the fashion industry in the 70's, well..........it seems a lot of the other fashion websites seem to agree with me, oh what a wonderful feeling to be on the pulse of fashion.

So this week we are going right ahead from where we stopped off last week with .....


Vanilla sweater fromGINA TRICOT.

There is nothing better than snuggling up in a big chunky sweater to keep the icy breeze & cold out!

It's an absolute nesseccity for fall,comfort & warmthis a number 1 factor that cannot be negociated.

But under no circumstances does that mean u have to look as if u work on a farm in Scotland!

& If u can afford it, go for cashmere, nobody does cashmere like the Queen Supreme of comfort & subtle elegance knitwear..........DONNA KAREN.

BUBBLE GUM PINK sweater from ZARA!

Cream sweater from GINA TRI COT

A vibrant blue Chunky scarf which I know my darling NORWEGIAN sisters will appreciate is fromTOP SHOP!

CLAUDIA SCHIFFERin her own design and can be bought onNET-A-PORTER.com

No need to worry ladies, no-one will see those extra five pounds u have put on your thighs (myself included) under these beaatiful sweaters, take a break, grab the chocolate, these sweaters will hide everything and u can go on your merry way still looking absoloutely GLAM.

In the mean time lets all wish poor Claudia all the best, I heard from the grapevine that her hubby (Mathew Vaughn is/was having an affiar withMAD MENactress, January Jones.........

MAD MENactress January Jones.

............and rumor has it that he's the father of her up coming baby!!!! Ouch!)

Yep! That's a baby bump.

OOOOOOOOh it's getting cold in here, brrrrrrrr

It's a GOOD thing I'm wearing myNEW Super fabsweater.

That's it for this week my Fashionistas, yep, I'm going to give uAfashionTIPmust-have every week!

That way you keep coming back for the next one on the list. (She hopes!)

Until then, enjoy your weekend darlings & as I have said so many times b4, but never tired of saying......

always beGLAMOROUS!!

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05-Sep-2011 kl.21:51

Hello Supreme. I enjoyed reading part 2. You really know how to draw us ladies in.

Yes Fall is all about those chunky sweaters. I cant wait to slip mine on, the good thing is i will not have long to wait as the weather has definately changed. I will post some pictures in my RL chunky sweaters

Bye for now GlamourGirl. xoxo

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