Africa is not aCOUNTRY,but a CONTINENT consisting of 54countries.

Of all the things I'm proud of, I am most proud to come from the beautiful continent of AFRICA.

I am from the YOURBA tribe.

It is an amazing place blessed with Warm Weather, Tropical Fruits, Rich & Colourful Culture, Diamonds, Oil, Exotic Aminals aaaaaaaaaaaaand BEAUTIFUL Women. Smiling.

I consider myself West African, as my parents come from 2 different countries on the WEST coast of Africa. My father is from Nigeria & my mother is from The Gambia.

Cultural BEAUTY, right across the board from, animal prints to cornrows, to Henna/ piercings / tattoos, etc... have been appreciated and seen all over the world for years, in our movies, magazines and on the runways of Fashion weeks from Paris to Tokyo.

The perfect 10. Bo Derek in the movie called '10', it was a MEGA, SMASH BOX hit and turned Bo into a overnight Hollywood STAR!

Reality star, Kim Kardashian in cornrows for her music video

Me. I will always love conrows, it's my true identity!



A traditional Somali woman.

Somalia is country with a hugley varied landscape of mountains, deserts, tropical deserts and some of the most undiscovered beaches that u have ever seen. With CORAL reefs along the Gulf coast.

Somalia is developed from a string of Arab Sultanates along the northeast coast of Africa.

Out of Somalia also,........................

have been some of the most beautiful women in the world that have graced countless magazine covers and been the muses of some of the most outstanding designers in the fashion industry, starting with the 1 & only Super model Iman who is married to Rock Star DAVID Bowie.

Iman & David Bowie.

America's next Top Model, Fatima Siad.

Ralph Lauren model Fatima Hassan.

For the past month, & with another 2 months 2 go, I've been attending Norwegian Language classes.

And I have been having an absolute blast, I'll talk about that another time in more detail but just to skim over it,

We're about 20 students, mostly women who are from countries all over the world married to Norwegians and learning everything Norwegian. It's a party every day, She laughs.

We are doctors, lawyers, engineer's, home-makers, actors, business women etc, these are the countries the women come from in my class:



















Now for someone like me who just loves traveling, culture and everything and anything different, I'm literally in heaven.

And so my Somalian class mate decorated my hands in henna as a gift.

This by far was one of the nicest days I had in school. Yes we are learning Norwegian, but we are learning about each other and seeing the beauty in each others cultures. It is truly a humbling and beautiful feeling.

The inscription traslated means, the................

KING of Scotland & his African Empress.

White Gold bracelet by CARTIER (The LOVE braclet)

Ring - 3 shades of gold triniti ring byCARTIER

Other rings - Wedding rings, on both hands.

Thank u soooooooo much Amina. xoxo

The Norwegian Crown Prince Haakon & Crown Princess Mette-Marit visitGHANA!

They look divine and might I add very happy indeed.

So that's it folks. Have a wonderrful weekend and I'll see u soon.

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24-Sep-2011 kl.15:59

You are soooo pretty!!!!! :)

Can you visit my blog?
Haha, i had cornrows when i went to Crete this summer! loved it but i got sunburned between them... :\( sorry my english)

What do you thing about todays outfit? Say it on my blog ! :)


24-Sep-2011 kl.16:11

kjempefint innlegg!

Elise Lystrup

24-Sep-2011 kl.16:48

fine bilder :)


24-Sep-2011 kl.17:18

Very inspiring, good job sweetie:-) keep em coming xoxo.....

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