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Darling Yves, I miss u, perhaps the most this season.

The fall winter collection, literally from every fashion house, from Milan to Paris to London to New York had the finger print of the late Yves St Laurent in their AW winter 2011/2012 collections!



.......It all reminded me of the GLAMOUR, ELEGANCE & CLASS of Yves. A true genious that has continued to live on through his unforgetable designes that he has left for us to enjoy & reinvent again & again.

I haven't done a biography on anybody until now, but I truly belive that Yves St Laurent deserves it.


Imagine walking into a chic restaurant and being told that you have to leave because you arewearing pants. Sound strange? Well in 1963, it happened to women all the time.

Have you ever thought about the reasons why certain clothes are socially acceptable while others aren't? There are lots of reasons. The legendary fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent is one of them.

YSL Outfit

When Saint Laurent announced his retirement from his chic Paris fashion studio in January 2002, it was considered by many to be the end of an era. He is considered by many of the world's best-YSL Dressdressed people to be the inventor of modern fashion.

Besides that, he is seen as the last of a generation of clothing designers that made the Rive Gauche (French for "Left Bank" of the Seine River in Paris) home to the most talented fashion designers in the world. These designers included Christian Dior, Coco Chanel, and Hubert de Givenchy -- all people who helped make Paris the international capital of fashion.

Saint Laurent got his big break when he was only 17 years old. The shy young designer began to work for the fashion legend, Christian Dior, & by the time he was 21, Saint Laurent was in charge of Dior's empire.

He immediately started to develop a unique style that combined Dior's elegance and tradition with a more wearable, realistic style.

Saint Laurent struck out on his own in 1961, opening his own fashion house where he created haute couture for socialites and celebrities. Haute couture (which literally means "high sewing" in French) is a term for the fashion houses andYSL Dressdesigners that create exclusive, trend-setting styles.

The people who wear haute couture don't go to a store and pick clothing off a rack like we mere mortals, nope, they go to a studio (called an atelier in the Parisian fashion world) and meet with the designer. Ooooooooh I wish I could do that!

The designer works with the customer to create a piece of clothing exactly suited to their proportions. The result is a piece that is one of a kind, and costs thousands of dollars. Oooooooops! Maybe not!

The inspiration for Saint Laurent's clothing came from cultures across the globe. An important source of inspiration for both his clothing and his choice of runway models was his childhood in AFRICA. He was also the first major designer to use models from a variety of different ethnic backgrounds.

And contributed to making Super Model IMAN an International STAR!

Super Model
IMAN in the 70's modeling for YSL.

He considered the Super model 'IMAN' the ideal woman & they became very good friends outside of their professional relationship.

Saint Laurent's trendsetting clothes not only changed the look of high fashion but also the life of the average woman.

Aaaaaaaaaaand was the first designer to use only BLACK models for an entire show. Phew! U gotta love him. Big heart, great talent!

His models loved him soooooo much, & he was fondly called Pops by all of them

YSL DressAside from his haute couture clothing, he offered another clothing line for women available in department stores, eg MACYS / BLOOMINGDALES.

The designs from this line often turned heads and changed the lives of the women who wore them.

Saint Laurent's goal in designing clothes for women was "not just to make women more beautiful but to reassure them and give them confidence."

In the 1960s and 1970s, when women were joining the workforce in millions for the first time, Saint Laurent designed more gender-neutral looks based on pants and jackets. No longer did women feel like they needed to wear only skirts and blouses.

The change was met with resistance. There are famous stories of women wearing Saint Laurent's pantsuits who were turned away from hotels and
restaurants in London and New York.

On more than one occasion, women wearing Yves Saint Laurent's pantsuits would simply take off their pants and walk into the restaurant wearing only the jacket part of the suit! They were protesting the fact that other people could dictate what they were allowed to wear.

Just the other day I saw American reality SUPERSTAR Kim Kardashian, in an ensamble that reminded me so much of Yves.

American Reality star Kim Kardashian.

YSL Model with Hat

Another clothing item of his that became popular was a jacket called "le smoking," which is a square-shouldered tuxedo for women, commonly referred to as the 'Smoking Jacket'.

When the jacket first appeared in his 1966 fall-winter collection, it immediately became a groundbreaking landmark in fashion history because it blurred the lines between traditional male and female style was so SEXY! All u needed were black stiletto heels and RED lipstick. The men went crazy for u at that time! It was all so seductive! My kind of party, now that I think of it, she winks.

Anyway, anyway back to Yves, so....................

................So 4 the first time, women had the choice of whether to project a "feminine" or "masculine" look.
Saint Laurent also changed fashion by using other types of pop culture in his clothes, like creating the Mondrian dress in 1965! These colorful dresses were patterned with the Dutch artist Piet Mondrian's abstract and geometric designs.

Saint Laurent also aided the women's liberation movement by challenging other socially accepted norms. If for any other reason, I love him for this, b'cos it has aided in giving us the platform in which to express ourselves as women today and there is something so darling about a 'MAN' fighting for a woman's RIGHTS! It doesn't happen often, I can tell u that!

From one of his last shows with French Super model

In 1971, Saint Laurent posed nude for his own perfume ads. This was shocking to many people. He did it to raise this question: Why is it more socially acceptable when a woman poses nude for an advertisement than when when a mann does?

So it's so interesting to see TOM FORD do the same thing today in the glossy pages of VOGUE or VANITY FAIR and we don't even blink an eye, that was b'cos Yves had paved the way. Yves was the 1st.


This past summer of 2011 everybody went crazy for the

YSL Cocktail Ring!

  1. Yves Saint Laurent ringshandpicked by a global community of independent trendsetters and stylists.

Yves once defined the word "elegance" as "a black turtleneck, pants, a raincoat." Sounds like something people wear today, right? I know that I have all of those pieces in my closet, I'm sure u do too.

Because his styles were so timeless, international fashion continues to reflect looks that he created as far back as the 1960s.

He's been gone for some time now, but as we can see we have not let go of him and most probably never will.

Thank u Yves for sharing all of your gifts with us.

All about Yves Saint Laurent - Facts!

1) Born on the 1st of August 1936.

2) Died on the 1st of June 2008.

3) Nationality - French.

4) Yves' was cremated & his ashes were scattered in Marakech, Morocco. In the Majorelle Gardenthat he often visited to find inspiration & refuge.

5) The funeral attendants included Empress Farah Pahlavi, Madame Chirac, and FrenchPresident Nicolas Sarkozy.

6) FORBS rated Saint Laurent the top-earning dead celebrity in 2009.

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