This blog will NO longer be called GLAMOUR GIRL!

Hello my darling Fashionistas.

First of all my blog (this blog) has found a new home on blogspot which I'll be setting up this weekend.

Secondly this blog or the new one will no longer be called GLAMOUR GIRL.

I believe that when one goes to a new country it's important to understand the mentality of the people living there and to also respect it, since you also want to have a wonderful life there as well.

I say all of this b'cos I just found out that the word "Glamour girl' or 'Glamour models' is associated with PAGE 3 girls or to put it more bluntly .....Page 3 girls that are topless!!!!!! YIKES!

I'm an American and 'Glamour girl' is associated with being fasionable, stylish and glamourous like Kim Kardashian or Diana Ross. We have a very successful magazines called 'Glamour' and a junior magazine actually called 'Glamour Girl'.

So that was why I named my blog 'Glamour girl' becoause it represented everything fun, fresh and fashionable. I am NOT oppossed to Glamour models, the point is that this is NOT what my blog is about and so I have let go of the name so that my darling Norwegian fashionistas do NOT mix the two together.

I believe that when in Rome, you should do as the Romans do!..........smiling.

Thank you for your loyal dedication and I'll be back with lots of fashionable goodies for all of you.


Yours truly,

Fumi Desalu-Vold.

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28-Oct-2011 kl.22:57

Im from Europe, but for me glamour girl is associated as you said with fashion and style, not nudeness, but yes, at one point somebody could think so... :>


28-Oct-2011 kl.22:58

s fin blogg du har! :-)

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